Merry christmas

Merry Christmas Soulseekers!

As the year comes to a close I always start reflecting on the year and how I want to change, improve, or do things differently. I love setting goals and making resolutions for the new year. For the last couple of years, I’ve chosen a word to help me stay focused and intentional in my resolutions. I already have my word for this next year, but what about you? Do you like setting resolutions? Have you ever tried the “one word”? Give it some thought. I’ll write a longer post about this next week as we lead up to the new year.

As for now, try to enjoy the holidays. As with all things, next year will be different, and hopefully better. Remember this pandemic is a marathon. We are rounding the corner and can see the finish line in the distance. It still seems like an impossible distance though. This is the hardest part. We’re tired, we ache, and we just want to be finished, but we still have some distance to cover. My mom, who’s in her 70’s, has Covid and is just starting week 2 of quarantine. She’s been sick, but nothing life threatening. We’ve been lucky. My dad so far has not gotten it. My mother in law just got over Covid, and my sister in law had it this summer. My grandmother has tested positive and is currently in the hospital with pneumonia. It’s a Christmas like no other, and I pray that she survives this. She’s 96. This has affected my family. We’ve stayed home, we’ve quarantined and worn masks if we needed to get out, but we still could not escape this virus. My sister still wants to get together for Christmas. I think it’s too risky. She thinks we will be ok socially distanced and outside. It’s been an issue, and we’ve argued about it more than once. So know that when I say focus on the positives, keep going the distance and hang in there, I am talking as much to myself as I am to you. We are all in this together.

Finally, did you see the “Christmas star” this week? My boys and I did. As I looked into that black, vast sky and saw Jupiter and Saturn almost merged into one bright star, I imagined what it could have been like for the wise men on that quiet night making their way to Bethlehem: the promise of something life changing ahead of them, the faith they needed to follow that star, and the hope that what they would find would be worth the journey. We are on a journey too. I have hope and faith that this journey we are on will be life changing, and we will emerge on the other side better for it.

Merry Christmas to you all,

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I'm honest, sarcastic, funny, loyal, a goal setter, determined, health conscious, a dreamer, a bibliophile, and a creative.

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