wellness trends for 2021

Dear Soulseekers,

We are on our way into the new year. Tonight while I am writing I am watching the news about the attack on Congress. It is hard to comprehend how we have reached this point, and even though we have rounded a corner into a new year, I am afraid that the civil unrest, the divisiveness, and anger are not going to magically end. Neither is this pandemic. Dr. Fauci has warned that it will probably be the end of 2021 before we start getting back to a state of normalcy.

I think we have learned a lot during this pandemic – about what’s important to us, how strong and resilient we are, and how to take better care of ourselves. In my last post, I told you my word for the year is Less, and unbeknownst to me, this seems to be a trend for 2021. The pandemic has forced many of us to transform our homes. No longer is it just a safe refuge for us, but now our homes are our offices, our gyms, and our school. We’ve had to change our living spaces and in doing so, some of us realized that we have way too much stuff. Me included! 2021 is our year to clean out, donate and simplify, reorganize and shift our homes into functional spaces for what our lives have become.

I clean out my closet at least once a year. Anything that I have not worn in a year gets donated to Good Will. This includes purses and shoes. I recently changed from teaching in the classroom to teaching at a private online school. All of those worksheets and handouts and copies that I have been storing away in boxes have been cleaned out, and I only kept the originals. Just by taking the time to do this, I cleared off 2 long shelves in a closet and got my school papers much more organized. It felt good!

My challenge to you on your wellness journey is to pick a spot in your house and make it functional and organized. Even if this means simply just clearing it off and putting things in their place. You know the spot in your house where everyone just dumps things? We all have that spot. Mine is in the kitchen by my coffee machine. Papers, bills, keys, hats, etc all get piled on that little space of countertop. It’s annoying because I am usually the one who has to clean it up. My husband always says, “Everything has a place, and everything in it’s place”. It’s a good motto, but let’s not get crazy now. I kind of like for some things to be where I can see them, you know, out of sight, out of mind. I forget what I have if it’s not where I can see it. But for the most part, my house is tidy and organized especially on my husband’s side of the room!

So pick a day and a project. Remember to start small. You don’t want to be overwhelmed, and you want to be sure you can finish the job. Try having more with less. I think it will be freeing and calming, and that is what we are all going to need over the course of this year. Our home is a refuge. Treat it like someone you love.

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