Moral anger

Dear Soulseekers,

Back when I was a grad student and working on my MA in psychology, I remember taking a quiz to find out what makes me angry. My quiz results were that I have moral anger.

If you look at the following flow chart, as far as anger goes, moral anger might be one of the better forms of anger to experience, especially in the workforce. Although what I am experiencing now is not moral anger; it’s personal anger.

Is Your Anger Moral?

Anger is a healthy emotion when it is controlled. Many times anger becomes physical and subsequently dangerous to self or others. But it can be controlled with some practice. I am guilty of speaking out of anger and sometimes acting impulsively. Here’s a current example of personal anger. I recently got my hair colored like I always do by the same woman who has done it for the last 15 years. And yet for some reason, this time, my hair is really dark. Normally I am a blonde. So my hair is darker than usual, I would say almost brown, and then I have a strange two tone piece right in front across my forehead. Of course, that is all that I can see. Honestly to others, it may not even be noticeable unless you are really scrutinizing my hair. So what did I do? I texted her and let her know that it was way too dark and sent a picture of my hair with the two tone piece showing asking if there was something I could do at home to even everything out. She apologized and was very nice. She offered to go in on her day off and fix it. But that’s not what I wanted. I had already given her 2 hours of my time to get this done. It should have been done right the first time. I don’t want to spend another 2 hours getting it fixed. I just want something quick that I can do at home. Sound unreasonable? Maybe. But is it? What exactly was my goal in contacting her about my hair in the first place? I’m not sure. I guess I want her to remember that this is not the look that I like. We’ve talked about this several times because this is not the first time that I have told her this. Long story short, I decided that I would color my hair at home and not go to her anymore. Impulsive decision? Maybe. Ok, yes that does seem a little impulsive. I have not purchased hair color yet. I’m trying to give myself some time to really think about is this really what I want to do? I’d save a lot of money if I color at home and time. It’s almost 2 hours to get my hair done whereas at home, maybe it would be an hour? I’m still thinking and trying to see myself through this frustration before I make any decisions. But I really do hate my hair, and you know when your hair looks bad, you feel like you look bad. So it’s a big deal.

Next week is spring break and I won’t be teaching online. So if I color my own hair and it’s bad, no one will see me. Might be worth the risk! I will also not be posting next week for Soulseekers. I need to do some yoga, meditate, and get in the right frame of mind. Maybe call my doctor! Enjoy some rest, some fresh air and I will see you soon.

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