Stay calm

Dear Soulseekers,

I feel anxious! And Stressed! With the beginning of school quickly approaching, I can feel my shoulders starting to rise, my neck starting to stiffen, and my temper getting short. Yikes! Time for some self care.

I’ve learned over the years what the beginning of stress and anxiety feels like. I have a hard time focusing and paying attention because I’m up in my head thinking about what I need to be doing or should be doing. I had lunch with my son today but I’m afraid I wasn’t very good company because I was so absorbed in mentally making a list of what all I needed to get done today. That’s when it hit me. I need to get control of this, establish some order. This week I have increased my exercise – always a good stress reliever. Now I need to focus on setting some boundaries. I am involved in my son’s booster club, and it has hit the ground running. For his senior year, I really do want to be more involved, but this has turned out to be quite the commitment. Lots of text messages all throughout the day. Moms who irritate me. There’s always one! So what do I need to do? I’ve decided that I don’t need to respond to every message in a group text, especially from that one mom. After 8 pm, my phone is in another room. And I really don’t need to respond when she makes me angry. Silence can say alot! I’m also going to write out a schedule for the next week. I need some serious, quiet work time in order to plan for 5 different classes/grade levels. I might also need to start my Calm app again. I accidentally subscribed for a year, and I’ve found that I actually really like it. I’m not great at meditating. I’ll be honest… sometimes I doze instead of actively meditating. However, I feel better afterwards, so I feel like it’s a win/win.

I think a big part of self care is realizing when you need it; an increased awareness of how your body is feeling or how you are feeling emotionally. Has your sleep changed? How about your appetite? Eating more? Eating less? My symptoms are neck stiffness, anxiousness, distraction, forgetfulness, and irritability. Another thing I noticed this week is that I have picked my fingers and cuticles until they are sore. That’ s not good and it’s another sure sign that I am feeling stressed. So I am in the fat middle of it ya’ll.

I hope this next week settles down, but experience has taught me that this level of stress will continue throughout the first 6 weeks of school. I am determined to stay on top of it. If you have any advice or suggestions on how you mange stress, please let me know! I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

Stay calm my friends,

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I'm honest, sarcastic, funny, loyal, a goal setter, determined, health conscious, a dreamer, a bibliophile, and a creative.

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